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Croc Ridge Kangaroo Plaited Mens Ring Belt (32mm Wide)

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Add a piece of the Australian Outback to your wardrobe with our classic belt, Croc Ridge.

10 Strands of Australian Kangaroo Leather are expertly plaited and woven by our Master Plaiters located in Brisbane, Australia to create the sturdy Croc Ridge. Inspired by the armour of the Aussie Apex Predator, the Salt Water Crocodile, our belt features a ridge of handwoven Kangaroo Leather that runs the length of the belt.

Our Roo leather ensures durability for daily wear and tear while ensuring the perfect addition for any outfit and occasion.   

  • 10 Strands of Australian Kangaroo Leather
  • Hand plaited in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
  • Available in two styles, Black or Tan
  • 32mm (1 17/64') Belt Width
  • Two nickel plated Martingale Rings

Leather Belt Size Guide

How do you find the right sized belt? How do you know which sized leather belt to order? Check out our Leather Belt Size guide below for Step by Step instructions.

Finding the right size belt is important to ensure a comfortable fit. Use our Badgery Belts sizing guide to get the best measurement for your new Badgery Belt.

This sizing guide can be used to size both buckle and ring belts.

  1. Find your favourite Belt (make sure this belt fits you comfortably)

  2. Measure from the Belt Fold to your most used belt hole. This is usually the middle hole.
How to Measure your belt size with a buckle belt or Martingale Ring Belt Image
  1. Use your new measurements to order your New Badgery belt!
    Check out our belt collection.



No Belt? No Problem!

How do I measure belt size without a belt? or maybe you don’t have a belt that currently fits? Follow our waist measurement belt size guide to find your size.

  1. Find a tape measure or piece of string that is able to wrap around your waist.
  2. Wear your favourite pair of pants, making sure they are sitting in their normal position.
    Badgery Belt Size Guide Illustration Measuring Tape
  3. Thread the tape measure through your belt loops
  4. Pull the tape firmly (not too tight!) so it wraps around your waist.
  5. Where the tape measure meets, indicates your belt size.

Note: Badgery Belts leather products only get better with time.
Just like a pair of good leather boots, our belts will conform and adjust to your use. If your belt is too tight, try giving it a stretch, high quality leather is likely to stretch a couple cm if required.