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How To Care for Leather. How To Conditon Leather. How to Wash Leather Belt, boots, wallet.

How to Care for Leather

How to care for Kangaroo Leather

If you own a product made out of Kangaroo Leather, you already know how durable the material is. (Otherwise, you can read all about it in our FAQ post here) Just because Kangaroo is one of the most durable leathers in the world doesn’t mean it can be neglected and forgotten about in terms of care. Knowing how to properly care for kangaroo leather is an important part of ensuring you get the most out of your Kangaroo Leather belt, hat band, wallet or boots.

Kangaroo Leather is a huge foundation for Badgery Belts, with over 50 years of leather work and crafting under our belts – we want to let you in on the secrets to maintaining your Kangaroo Leather product!


How do I care for a Kangaroo Leather Belt and keep it in good condition?

Our well-made plaited belts are crafted from Kangaroo Leather Lace, expertly woven using traditional Australian bush plaiting techniques.  At Badgery Belts we have been plaiting leather belts for years! We love sharing the rich history behind the kangaroo leather belts, from early Australian settlers and to modern designs and plait patterns.

There are a few recommended steps in caring for kangaroo leather. We recommend using a leather conditioner, storing the belt in a hanging position, avoid humidity, water and extremely dry environments.


How to use Leather Conditioner? Why do we use Leather Conditioner?

Leather conditioner is integral to maintaining the appearance and quality of any kind of leather. From leather boots, wallets (check out our Badgery Wallets Here), belts (Looking for a belt, click here to browse) or even jackets – conditioning is leather is an important step in maintaining the color and feel of your product.

Using a good quality leather conditioner will increase the lifespan of your belt or wallet. Leather conditioner is specially designed to be absorbed by leather fibers. Using good quality leather conditioner on your leather product will keep the leather flexible, avoid cracking, maintain color and keep your belt in use for many years.


How often do you apply leather conditioner? How often should I condition leather?

We recommend applying leather conditioner 6 monthly, or at the beginning of each season. It’s important to avoid using too much conditioner – too much leather conditioner will lead to too much moisture within the leather. To be safe only use a small amount of conditioner to start – remember you can’t remove conditioner once it’s been absorbed and you certainly don’t want your belt to become saturated and wet with too much leather conditioner!

How do I use leather conditioner?

As mentioned above we recommend using a small amount of leather conditioner to start. Follow the step-by-step guide on how to apply leather conditioner to your Badgery Belt.

You will need:

Leather conditioner, a Microfiber cloth, your leather product, a place to hang your belt and a flat surface to use as a workspace

  1. Lay belt flat on your workspace
  2. Use a micro-fiber cloth to apply a small amount of conditioner
  3. Gently use the cloth to rub the conditioner into leather fibers
  4. Use a belt hanger or clothes hanger to hang your belt outside (if possible) away from direct sunlight
  5. Once dry store your belt in a hanging position away from direct sunlight and humidity.


Other Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stop my leather belt from cracking? How do I make my leather product last longer?

Following the above steps on leather conditioning will help you keep your belt or leather product in great condition. Using a leather conditioner bi-annually or at the beginning of every season will help stop your leather belt from cracking. Avoiding sunlight, humid or extremely dry storage areas is also important. We recommend you store your belt in a hanging position.

Can kangaroo leather dry in direct sunlight?

No! Kangaroo Leather and most other leathers are not recommended to dry in direct sunlight as this will damage and dry out of the natural fibers of the leather. Dry your leather product in a position where there is no direct sunlight.

How do I clean my Kangaroo Leather belt?

We love wearing our belts so much sometimes they can get a bit grubby! It’s important to resist the temptation of throwing your belt or wallet into the washing machine for a quick rinse (this is a big No No!) We like to keep leather care accessible, simple and effective – we use a warm damp cloth and gentle saddle soap or leather cleaner.

Follow the below steps on how to clean your leather belt:

  1. Dampen a soft cloth with warm water. Avoid drenching the cloth, you don’t need a lot of water for this, lots of water + leather = damaged belt. If your belt is not too dirty you can use a dry cloth instead!
  2. Use the cloth to very gently wipe the dirt and grime off the belt (wipe along the grain!), this will help soften the belt as well.
  3. Use another clean rag to gently apply the saddle soap if needed. Most belts will be fine with a damp cloth wipe down but if your belt is extra dirty go for a soap product. Ensure you only wipe along the grain!
  4. Use a different damp cloth to gently but thoroughly wipe off the cleaning product.
  5. Let the belt dry overnight or for a few hours. Hang the belt up to dry to maintain shape and help it dry faster.