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Rolls of Leather from Vlada Karpovich on Pexels. Stacked upon each other in rolls they are different colours and could be kangaroo leather. Brown, Tan, Chocolate, Ethical Leather

Why Kangaroo Leather?

Why do we use Kangaroo Leather? Is Kangaroo Leather Good Quality?

Kangaroo Leather has been a part of our crafting process since day one. Badgery Belts has been operating for over 50 years, with that time comes vast experience in processes and materials. Kangaroo Leather has been integral to building our legacy and is something we take very seriously.

We use Kangaroo Leather for our products as it is one of the strongest leathers available. Stronger and much more flexible than Cow and Goat due to the unique structure of kangaroo skin. Kangaroo Leather’s strength and flexibility make it perfect for Motorbike Leathers, Whips, Heavy Duty Boots and our Badgery Hatbands, Belts and Wallets!

Using Kangaroo Leather allows us to deliver high-quality products in regards to appearance, flexibility and durability. We make belts, hatbands and wallets that reflect the versatile and wild nature of the Australian Outback, no better place to start than with Kangaroo Leather. 

 rolled kangaroo leather in different colours all stacked on top of each others to be made into belts, wallest or hatbands.